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Federal Election 2022

Moreland Bicycle User Group (BUG) conducted a survey of candidates for the electoral division of Wills in the May 2022 federal election.

The results from each candidate (in ballot order) are:

Responses (in order of when the survey was submitted):

Surveys were emailed to all candidates on 1 May 2022 except where noted below. The following candidates have not yet replied:

  • Tom Wright (Liberal)
  • Jill Tindal (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) – 4 May, we have emailed and phoned One Nation asking for contact details. They appear to not know who their candidates are and couldn’t supply contact details for Jill.
  • Emma Black (Victorian Socialists)
  • Sam Sergi (Australian Federation Party) – 4 May, we have emailed AFP asking for contact details and have not yet had a reply.
  • Irene Zivkovic (United Australia Party)
  • Peter Khalil (Australian Labor Party)

Candidate names were from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

NOTICE: The contents of candidate statements are provided by the candidates. Any enquiries about candidate statements should be directed to the relevant candidate. Candidate statements are not verified or endorsed by Moreland Bicycle User Group.

It is also worth looking at Bicycle Network Writing to candidates for useful tips and We Ride’s Three Transport Priorities.

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