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Sydney Road Protected bike lanes and accessible tram stops

The future of Sydney Road traders depends on Sydney Road becoming a vibrant destination that is accessible by people from all over Merri-bek. With so much parking available to visitors off-road, road space needs to be freed up for those arriving by bicycle and on foot and to provide accessible tram stops so that everyone can get to Sydney Road.

Merri-bek BUG on Sydney Road

VicRoads Survey Sydney Road Final Report

Supporting the transition to cargo bikes – Submission to Council (2022)

Moving Moreland Business Again – a Community Budget submission by Moreland BUG about subsidising businesses transition to cargo bicycles.

Disabled riders in Moreland – Submission to Council (2021)

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Review submission made to Moreland Council by Moreland BUG.

Glenlyon Road Bunnings development

Moreland BUG joined Brunswick Residents in objecting to the proposed Bunnings development on Glenlyon Road, Brunswick. Glenlyon Road is part of the Victorian State Government’s Principal Bicycle Network and together with Lygon St, an important route for people riding in Moreland. It provides direct access to several schools, day care, public transport options, bicycle routes, shopping strips and community facilities. Read Moreland BUG’s Objection to the Glenlyon Road Bunnings development lodged with Moreland Council here:

MorelandBUG-Objection for Permit Application MPS2020260

Our submissions to the VCAT Tribunal here:

Statement of Grounds from Moreland BUG

Our submission on relevance of VC204 planning amendment.

The VCAT decision to NOT grant a permit can be read here:

VCAT Decision on proposed Glenlyon Road Bunnings 2022

Cumberland Road,Pascoe Vale

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