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Federal Election 2016

Moreland Bicycle User Group (BUG) conducted a survey of candidates for the electoral division of Wills in the July 2016 federal election.

The results from each candidate are:

Kevin Hong (Liberal) did not complete the survey, but referred us to his Facebook post at Kevin Hong for Wills on 26/6/2016 regarding his view towards cycling.

The following candidates have not yet replied:

  • Tristram Chellew (Australian Sex Party)
  • Dougal Gillman (Renewable Energy Party)
  • Will Fulgenzi (Socialist Equality Party)
  • Francesco Timpano (Independant)

Candidate contact details were from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Note that three candidates had no contact information.

Internet searches discovered contact information for the three candidates missing from the AEC list:
Francesco Timpano: f_timpano1 at,
Zane Alcorn: vic.socialist.alliance at and
Douglas Gillman: pete at (I couldn’t find direct contact for the Dougal, but this gets to their National Media, Communications and Web Manager).

It is also worth looking at Bicycle Network Vote Bike for background information and a link to easily “WRITE TO YOUR CANDIDATE”

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