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Bike parking at Barkly Square

News from Nicholas Elliot, Transport Projects Officer at Moreland City Council:

Dear BUGees
Finally, proper bike parking at Barkly Square.
20 bikes can now park right at the front door, in 2 (ex) car bays.
Click this link for a picture of the rails being installed this morning.

The initiative is a partnership between Moreland Council and Barkly Square management. Council convinced them to give it a trial and loaned them our temporary/event parking rails on the condition that they were installed as close to the door as possible. We agreed to conduct surveys to show that they would be well used, that the economic return would be better than if just 2 cars parked there and that there would be no, or a lot less, bike parking opportunistically and cluttering up their entrance or trampling the garden beds. And they had to take away the “Please don’t park your bikes here” banners.

Barkly Square are interested in your feedback, so take a minute to ‘Like’ them on Facebook. They agreed they will supply the bike parking at the end of the trial if it is successful. So this might be an opportunity to convince them to put in the deluxe, roofed, model if they get a good response via social media.

Nicholas Elliot

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